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When the issue of securing data is concerned, we can classify and store a great number of data in a short period of time. Among other services, we offer detailed documentation about destruction of the unnecessary data. Based on our experience, we offer you a routine „Know-how“ proces, as well as a centralized access to all the protocol data. The price of the mobile phone ranges depending on the model and SIM card package you want. All the given processes have been improved largely so that we could present the highest level of services to our clients.

  • Change and/or fix the defect parts;
  • Remodelling of the part or the whole device;
  • Complete parts change;
  • Remodelling of the complete mobile device;
  • Boards and panels – Fixing;
  • Micro-chip change;
  • LCD monitors- change;
  • Individual making (Hardware & Software)

Item No.

01. Change and/or fix the defect parts:

This change is conducted due to the laws of the EU, as well as in concorndance with the latest recycling technologies, harmles to the environment.

Item No.

04. Remodelling of the complete mobile device:

This procedure belongs to our standard service package.

Item No.

07. LCD monitors change:

This procedure is being done at our premises. Our technology is based on filters (harmless towards the environment) which filter out the harmful particles from the air.

Item No.

02. Re-modelling of the part or the whole device:

This is one of our standard procedures.

Item No.

05. Boards and panels:

We offer the service of changing these parts as well as the change of the whole models.

Item No.

08. Individual making (Hardware & Software):

If a client wants that, we can change or make new, unique models so that we can present the new ideas made by client’s wishes.

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03. Complete parts change:

This section offers a wide array of certified servicers who will provide you with excellent service.

Item No.

06. Micro chip change:

With this service we can take adequate measures to restore the Mainboard function.


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